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VQNM CDR Retention DB Impact

Has anyone extended the retention out beyond a year or more?  I am curious what the impact could be on the database, I've increased to 180 days already and size of the database didn't grow out of hand.  Storage space will not be the issue, but I am curious if anyone has gone longer and seen any "major" impacts on search times.

  • It always depends on your database server, your other Orion products and their retention, and how many calls you get. I find that I can't push it past 90 days or the reporting is very painful. But, I say try it, and if you need to you can trim it back. Also consider storing reports for archiving, I don't know what you need the data for, but we save off a number of weekly summaries for historical reference. 

    I ran the SWQL below and have just under 10 million calls for 90 days if that helps. 

    SELECT Count(ID) as [Calls]
    FROM Orion.IpSla.VoipCallDetails

    Call Volume by day:

    SELECT Count(ID) as [Calls], DateTrunc('day', DateTime ) as [Day]
    FROM Orion.IpSla.VoipCallDetails
    Group by DateTrunc('day', DateTime )

    Or Call Volume by week: 

    SELECT Count(ID) as [Calls], DateTrunc('Week', DateTime ) as [Week]
    FROM Orion.IpSla.VoipCallDetails
    Group by DateTrunc('Week', DateTime )

  • Thank you for the answer

    For us it is just under 2.5 million over 180 days.  When I initially made the change from 30 to 180 I had the users of those tables monitor for search issues.  We did talk about capping it at a year and just pulling a yearly report for archiving, I'm thinking with your feedback I'll push on this option a bit more.