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Avaya Configuration for VNQM

Quick Description:

Not able to pull Phone records from the Avaya Call Manager

Which Product?

VNQM 2020.2.6. HF2


Is there any special configuration on the Avaya Call Manager to be able to pull the Phone Records?


We would like to be able to see the phone records from the call Manager to determine if our customers phone calls are have any issues.

We have been trying to get our Avaya Call Manager connected to the VNQM and have been able to successfully pull the registered phones and unregistered phones in VNQM but we noticed we are not able to pull from the call manager VoIP Call Records. 

Has anyone else ran into this issue were the VoIP Call Records are not being pulled or if there a special place in the Avaya call manager that needs to be configured to point the phone records to the VNQM?