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Have I got VNQM all wrong?

Hi all,

I am an NCM user but we are currently introducing VoIP handsets to our network so I am about to trial VNQM.

I think I am totally misunderstanding it though. All of my handsets are on a separate network, so I have added the router and switch responsible for that subnet as a device in NCM.

When I then go to VNQM they don't appear as devices that I can monitor.

So, am I supposed to monitor each handset, the switch or the router for voice data? I have scanned for SLA's. Not sure if that's the right approach but everything says is cannot be added.

If I go to my VoIP sites overview, all of my locations are showing when they shouldn't as they don't have VoIP devices on them and the site I want to appear isn't there! My router is listed under VoIP infrastructure but there is nothing useful there about voice traffic.

I really could do with an absolute dummies guide. 

  • I am hoping that one of more experienced vnqm users jump in. But - first thoughts - you may need to create those sla operations on the routers then monitor them. VNQM can create the operations given the credentials to do so. Its fairly simple, but I will note that NCM is the you may need when you want to remove those operations from the routers. I am not sure what type of ip phones or phone system that you have, but that is the next step. There is information relating to bringing in that data for some cisco and avaya phone systems. You will get basic call data/call quality information after adding that configuration. I recommend looking at the Getting Started with VNQM as it is pretty close to a dummies guide and walks through a lot of the initial concepts/setup. Grinning 

    Good luck!