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Connected Phones Report Last Registered time

I've been doing some work to collect a report of phones that have not been registered in the last 90 days.  Starting with the pre-built "Connect Phones Report", I see Last Registered time is a field, however, this does not seem to be collecting data correctly.  The phones I spot checked were all currently registered, and appear to have been registered for some time.

Is this report working for anyone else, or is VNQM collecting this information incorrectly and needs to be addressed with Solarwinds support?

  • The topic is the same with me, but creating a custom Dashboard, I take data from several Solarwinds tables, and set them to separate them in the 3 states: "Registered, not registered and rejected", but the information in real time of: "Quantity phones by state ", it shows me a different amount than the tables, and this is not updated. The same with the "Connected Phones" table, it is not updated at all, what's more, phones had been added and removed from the UCM, but the Solarwinds module still shows them as registered phones.