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We were unable to add the following nodes as gateways


I wanted to add voipe gateway to VNQM but I got message like that

We were unable to add the following nodes as gateways

this device is cisco cube (Cisco CSR 1000V )

I can add this device to NPM

  • SolarWinds has a poor notion of what makes a voice-gateway. 

    I've had the same problem with CSR-based cubes - they don't have an ISDN MIB that SW is checking for (as they can never handle an ISDN call). 

    Solarwinds wants Cisco to add the MIB to the device (which Cisco has no valid reason to do) instead of allowing for a SIP MIB to take the place of the ISDN MIB. 

    At the very least, I think they should have a workaround to manually add these new SIP-only gateways (bypassing the discovery tool).

    These questions have been floating around for a couple of years - not impressed that SolarWinds hasn't addressed yet.

  • Totally agree – facing the exact same issue now. Surely there must be a DB edit to tell SW it is a VoIP gateway. I have a case open however I don’t think SW will provide a work around and agree, this is not a Cisco issue either.

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