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AXL credentials problems

Hello everyone,

I have been having several problems trying to add my AXL credential into the Solarwinds Callmanager configuration.

I have follow every step that the forum has told.

for example I do recieved the messaje "Cisco CallManager: AXL Web Service The AXL Web Service is working and accepting requests. Use HTTP POST to send a request.", with the user that I configured.

I will atach the screenshots of every test I did.

even I test to the communication to the AXL API Service with the command

url -k -u (Username) (Password) -H "Content-type: text/xml;" [https://( IP Address  of the CUCM):8443/axl/services/AXLAPIService?wsdl > axl_output.txt See sample below: ( I will atach the result)

Right know we are running VNQM version 2020.2.
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