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Path monitor

I'm looking for a way to monitor trace routes from remote locations back to corporate to see if there are any changes in path within our providers Network.  Can IPSLA monitor do this, if not does SolarWinds have a tool that can?



  • kbrookov,

    It's in the works.  See my post here.  Path Echo and Path Jitter will give you hop-by-hop details (in other words, a traceroute) between target and source for those operations.  Part of our implementation will show you path deviations.  When previewing this feature with some other customers, the path deviation was really important to them.



  • Will you be able to alert on path deviations?  Email alert perhaps?  We have multiple ingress/egress points at our headquarters, and attempt to load share via bgp - we want to be able to keep the traffic symetric so need to know if/when a route changes within the ISP so we can update BGP to reflect their change on our side.

    Thanks for the information!

  • Not in this release, but we'd like to implement it in a future release.  Based on your comments, it sounds like there is a path you expect most of the time, and want to be alerted on any deviations from this path?


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  • That is correct, our provider has stated that paths will change as they make upgrades within their cloud.

    Thanks for the information!

  • Just to clarify on your request.  Is there a standard path, and you are interested only when another path is used?  Or are you wanting any change in paths to be alerted on?

    For instance:

    Maybe your standard path is

    A -> B -> E

    And you would like an alert when the path changes to:

    A -> C -> E

    But if it then changes to

    A -> D -> E

    Would you also want an alert?  Because it has already deviated from the standard path..

    Further, when it returns to the standard path

    A -> B -> E

    Would you want an alert then also?

    Of course, this is a lot harder for us to implement, then just alerting every time the path changes, but I just don't want us to implement something and find out it wasn't quite what you were looking for.



  • I think we just need to be alerted on a path change.  This is just for a private MPLS network, nothing over the internet.  I'm thinking we won't see a ton of path changes, but won't be certain until we implement.

    a baseline feature might be nice, alert on new path on initial change, wait X number of days to reset baseline to new path and alert again otherwise if path fails back to original don't generate another alert and keep old baseline.  Does that make sense?

    In that scenerio we would make our change on the 2nd alert that the original baseline will change to the new baseline.

  • I don't know if this would be any easier or not but in our environment, I'd want to know if the path change included our DR site.  (IE: Something failed over to DR.)  We use BGP multi path so the path could change back and forth between two values frequently, but if it included our DR site, I'd want to know about it.