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Changing the default IP SLA Operation thresholds

We need to change the default IP SLA Operation thresholds as the current ones do not meet our firms needs.  Unfortunately, as we confirmed with SW tech support, these default thresholds cannot be changed via the web UI.  These would need to be changed directly on the database, but we are having a hard time figuring out how.  Please, see below the desired default settings:

Desired IP SLA Operation Thresholds.JPG

I would like to apply a SQL script that changes these default settings, if possible.  Any guidance on this matter would be greatly appreciated. emoticons_cool.png

  • The database table you need to look at is dbo.VoipConfig. If you open that table you'll see all the relevant config settings within the various columns. No need to run a query, just edit the table directly and change the relevant thresholds. The field names are straightforward, so no use of the Force is needed here.

    But before you make any changes:


  • silverbacksays‌, I already tried changing the values in the dbo.VoipConfig table, but my changes did not work.  I then called SW tech support and the technician spent almost 1 hour trying but he too failed.  It was then when he contacted the SW developers on my behalf.  Here's what he replied:

    I have submitted this feature request to our development team as requested as the functionality that you require is currently not in our product. We value your opinion as a customer and without you we wouldn’t have such strong features in our products. The development teams look very closely at each one to determine viability and will decide on the timeline of the release (if they decide to implement the feature). We cannot deliver timeframes or release dates for all feature requests.

    The SW technician then concluded his note by recommending for me to submit a Feature Request in Thwack.  Obviously, we could not wait anymore, so we changed the values via the web UI.  emoticons_confused.png  It took longer than we hoped, but at least it is over.  Anyway, many thanks for the recommendation and have a great weekend.  emoticons_cool.png

  • Glad you got it sorted. Have a good one emoticons_happy.png

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