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Managing custom properties for a virtual machine

We have a number of virtual machines that we don't actively monitor as nodes (i.e. unmanaged virtual machines). There are (probably) good reasons to not do so, but we still need to track certain information for these VMs (e.g. who is responsible for it, what application/service does it belong to, etc.). For actively monitored nodes we use a lot of custom properties to track these values, and I can of course create similar (but not the same) custom properties for the VMs. But managing this information is not simple. While we can use the 'Edit Custom Property Values' link to the 'Manage custom properties' pages, the process is certainly not intuitive nor is it straightforward.

Ideally, it would be really helpful if the Custom properties widgets could be designed to allow the editing of custom properties for the item being presented, be that a node, a virtual machine, a datastore, or whatever. That may be a big ask, but it would certainly be helpful, and even moreso for items like this where wading through the Manage custom properties pages is the only available option.