Reporting on Old AWS Snapshots / Metrics Explorer help

Hello, I am trying to setup a report that will let us know if we have any old AWS snapshots on EBS volumes. 

I have the report page copying the Old VMs Snapshot report but am running into issues trying to query. I don't believe the dynamic builder will work in this situation (if it can, I cannot figure out the correct verbiage.) I would like to just write the query for it, but I cannot seem to find all the metrics for AWS EBS.

 On this page ( SolarWinds Observability | Elastic Block Store (EBS) metrics) it states to see AWS EBS metrics to use the Metrics Explorer however...I cannot seem to find the Metrics Explorer? Anything I search for "AWS.EBS" comes up blank and the Metrics Explorer documentation (SolarWinds Observability | Metrics Explorer) does not correctly tell one how to get to this. I do not have left pane that gives me the "Analyze > Metrics" option. 

Any help would be much appreciated thank you 

  • The documentation you linked is specific to our SaaS based SolarWinds Observability platform instead of VMAN which is part of the on-prem HCO platform. Unfortunately the old snapshots report you are working with is specific to VM snapshots running on-prem in a hypervisor (VMware). I am not aware of a report in VMAN that will be able to give you the data you are looking for related to AWS snapshots.