How to remove Hyper-V Host information from VM Node Page

Hi there

Ever since we have had our VMAN installation (2020) our VM nodes also include all of it's host information under disks and applications also. I have logged numerous tickets with Solarwinds to try and get this resolved and their response has either been *shrug* or "our VMAN is mainly designed for VMware, we don't do much for Hyper-V" and tickets have been closed.

I've given the benefit of the doubt and hoping this would be fixed, however 3 years on and numerous updates to Solarwinds Orion, and it's still there with no improvement.

So, does anyone know how to remove the host information from the VM node page? If I add the node in as a physical/separate server, it only shows that node information, but if Solarwinds then realises it's a VM on a host it already monitors, it shows us which host it's on (which is good) but also all the host information (bad).

For example, this is one of our Virtual Machines:

However, under applications it shows all it's own applications, it's hosts, and any other applicaton monitor running on VM's on the same host!

Any ideas would be appreciated