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Client system disk space counters from VMAN?

In my organization we have a group of servers for which the service owner does not want the Solarwinds agent or SNMP.  We are polling with ICMP only.

However, we do have eyes on these boxes as VMWare client systems using VMAN. 

Another part of the organizational wants to see server stats in Solarwinds consoles such as disk space counters with alerts for low space conditions.

[sidebar: got it this is a political problem that needs to be solved at some point.  in the meantime...]

I'm looking to pull disk size and usage counters for these client systems from VMAN.  Looking at the VMWare client system in Performance Monitor I see a lot of counters for disk IO, latency, etc., but nothing that looks like disk size and disk space in use.  

End state would like to put volumes with low disk space on a console and/or send an alert. 

Let me know if possible to pull disk space figures for a client system from VMAN.  Thanks much.