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Where does the Azure Cloud IP Addresses widget get it's data from?

Hi All, This thing - where is that IP stored?

This field isn't linked in SWQL Studio, or the web report writer. I think this links to the orion.vim.virtualmachine table to use IPaddress or IPaddresses, but these are all nulls for me whereas I've got data visible in live.

  • The field is in Orion.VIM.VirtualMachineIPAddresses. Here is a SWQL query I use to get Cloud resources that are not managed yet that show one way to link them.

    SELECT ci.Provider, ci.DisplayName, ci.State, ci.Region, ci.LastSuccessfulPoll, ci.Name, ci.Platform, ci.OrionIdColumn,PublicDNSName, ci.PrivateDNSName, csg.SecurityGroupName, vmip.IPAddress, ci.type, ci.DetailsURL, ci.KeyPairName
    FROM Orion.Cloud.Instances ci, Orion.Cloud.SecurityGroups csg, orion.VIM.VirtualMachineIPAddresses vmip
    WHERE ci.VirtualMachineID = csg.VirtualMachineId AND ci.VirtualMachineID = vmip.VirtualMachineID AND ci.NodeID is null AND ci.State = 'RUNNING'
    Order by ci.Provider, ci.Region, ci.Name DESC