Incorrect Provisioned Space Reported

Running NPM with VMAN 2023.4.2.

The value that's being shown for provisioned space (and resultantly, the percentage of overallocation) is not correct by an entire order of magnitude.  Solarwinds is reporting that the 3.6 TB drive has over 15 TB of space allocated, whereas the total is significantly lower - we have space that's not been provisioned at all.

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  • Without knowing anything about your environment it's hard to say anything, other than usually its a issue of what's being counted mismatching with expectations. Not sure what's being counted, not sure what's being expected, but usually that
    Possibles: MB vs MiB
    People expecting a filter that's not present
    Counting more than one thing when you're expecting 1 thing to be counted

    Might help to post some screenshots or queries or something

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