Phantom Snapshot Files

Hi all, I would really appreciate some help please? I've noticed a few similar posts on this were not resolved.

Please excuse my lack of SQL knowledge.

Is there a way I can list the names of the snapshots files? The built in alert only counts.

I've trawled through the datastores and unable to see anything of note and would like to know what the query has found.

SELECT Datastores.Uri, Datastores.DisplayName FROM Orion.VIM.Datastores AS Datastores

INNER JOIN (SELECT disk.DataStoreID, count(disk.Snapshots.SnapshotID) AS snapCount, count(disk.DiskFileID) AS fileCount FROM Orion.VIM.DiskFiles disk 

WHERE disk.Type = 'SnapshotFile'  GROUP BY disk.DataStoreID) AS d ON Datastores.DataStoreID = d.DataStoreID AND d.snapCount < d.fileCount WITH NOLOCK