Virtualization Manager (VMAN) 2020.2.6 Is Now Generally Available!

The latest release for VMAN 2020.2.6 is now available to download in your Customer Portal. 

As part of our commitment to being Secure by Design and providing a more resilient platform, this Service Release focuses on hardening of the Orion Platform and its modules, removal of legacy code, security and bug fixes, and feature enhancements. 

For detailed release notes, please click the links below:   

VMAN 2020.2.6 introduces some new features from net-new functionality, like support for VMware tags and some tweaks and improvements to the way some previously implemented features work, like Nutanix bulk registration and additional filtering options in chargeback reporting.   

VMware Tags Support – Support for VMware tags in VMAN has been a popular request among our customers who are looking to leverage the logical grouping they’ve already done in VMware. Before VMAN 2020.2.6, you were required to manually add custom properties to represent the groupings you already had in VMware. This was tedious and didn’t scale as you had to manually update those custom properties as changes were made in VMware. Now VMware tags are natively polled via the VMware API along with other virtual entity info then stored in SWIS data and as custom properties. You can now leverage those custom properties to do all the things you love to do in the Orion Platform. Create reports, alerts, and widgets filtered by custom properties that directly and automatically represent the current state of your existing VMware tags.  

Nutanix Bulk Registration – Users can now register multiple clusters at once using the Prism Central identity and not have to spend time registering them one by one. A new tile has been added to the “Add Virtualization Object” wizard labeled “Multiple Nutanix Clusters.”   


We built in some intelligence to detect the presence of a Prism Central VM even when you select a single cluster to give you the option of quickly adding all your clusters to save you time.  


If a user adds multiple clusters using the Prism Central entity, new links labeled "Open Prism Central" are added to the host, cluster, and VM detail pages and their tooltip command menu (similar to the existing "Open Prism Element Web Console").  

The link to Prism Central and Prism Element is now available for hybrid Nutanix environments: Hyper-V on Nutanix or VMware on Nutanix.  



New Filtering Options in Chargeback – You can now create chargeback reports based on VMware tags or other custom properties. This adds a new level of granularity on top of the previous options to filter by host and cluster.  

Updated Open JDK – VMAN now ships with the latest version of Open JDK available at the time of this release (Open JDK 16).  

Your Feedback Counts! – We’re incredibly interested in your feedback. Your feedback shapes our products. Post your thoughts, questions, and concerns in the VMAN forum, and the VMAN team will be watching for input to make the product better. In addition, if you come up with a brand-new feature idea you want us to consider for a future version, the best place to capture those ideas is VMAN Feature Requests. As you can see from our What We’re Working on for VMAN page, we take those inputs very seriously.  



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