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UDT White/Black(Watch) List integration with IPAM & NTA IP Groups

Enable IPAM, and NTA seamlessness with the UDT White and Watch lists. This would make creating my UDT lists much easier and less manual. 

With current features allowing IPAM to feed NTA, enabling the feed of UDT from IPAM seems like a good first step. But fill seamlessness to allow your IP Subnets to traverse all 3 applications would be the end game. Eventually adding the IP Ranges/single IPs from NTA to feed UDT and vice-versa.

Name, Description, and IP Range/Space already exists within each of the applications feature specific tables. Ports would have to be dropped on Data coming out of NTA, but I am okay with that. I have set up NTA IP Ranges both public and private for questionable and black-listed IPs.