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Show speed/duplex and negotiation status

I would like to be able to identify the speed/duplex on ports and whether the setting has been forced or auto negotiated.  At the moment is that I am trying to determine which desktop PCs and switch ports have been forced as our global Win7 desktop build standard is auto/auto, whereas our old XP build differed in some offices.  I am currently having to do this check manually across about 600 switches.  I would therefore love to see the speed/duplex status as it appears in Cisco show interface status output: e.g. a-1000/a-full for 1G/FDX or 100/full for 100Mbps/FDX forced so I can tell if a port has been auto negotiated or not.  UDT is very useful for me to get the PC names on the ports so I can pass them to the desktop teams, but I still have to run commands manually on the switches to check speed and duplex.  This feature would also be useful to flag ports have autonegotiated to 100Mbps/half whic this signals that auto negotiation has been unsuccessful.