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Complete switch inventory not showing up to monitor in UDT

I am having an issue where only about half of the Cisco switches in our environment are showing up to monitor.  In device inventory in device tracker I cannot find about half of the switches in our environment.  I've compared nodes that are in UDT device inventory to the ones that are not in UDT device inventory.  I cannot find where to add them to device inventory in UDT.  In device tracker summary, I click Add orion nodes to UDT, there are no unmonitored nodes and the amount of nodes in the list are not the full amount.  How do I make nodes available for monitoring in UDT?  

567 nodes is not correct.  

The highlighted number is not correct

  • Try it this way instead of using the getting started widget:

    1. Go to Settings > All Settings.
    2. Select UDT Settings in the Product Specific Settings section.
    3. Select Manage Ports in the Port Management section.
    4. Select Show Nodes, and Filter to: UDT Unmonitored Nodes.
    5. Select the nodes to be monitored, and select Monitor Node with UDT.
  • Just to put this in perspective, UDT is responsible for tracking endpoint devices and switches are not Endpoint devices.  You need to add the switches first via Manage Nodes and then Monitor the networking devices to UDT and it should detect Endpoints connected to those switches.

    Based on the screenshot you provided, you are only showing monitored nodes in UDT.  If there are no unmonitored nodes, then check via Manage nodes if the missing networking devices are added via SNMP and not by ICMP as ICMP only monitors if the Node is up or down and does not poll SNMP data which is required in UDT.