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How do I bulk set the Layer3 topoogy scanning of Edit Nodes/ report on ones unchecked in the UDT section nodes missing in the database?

I am seeing a lot of nodes with disabled Layer3 polling in the UDT job status, is there a way to turn them them on in bulk?  I tried enabling them via manage pollers in all settings, but that didn't have any affect on the edit node page, or UDT Job status list.  I would like to be able to report on/alert on ones missing the setting as well as enable it so that I can see when someone adds a node to Orion but doesn't enable it.


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  • Thank you, while that process will let me enable in bulk, it doesn't allow to really figure out which 200 or so nodes out of 4000 needs to be enabled and update those devices.  I am looking for something I can search, update programmatically, report on, alert on etc...

  • navigate to Settings > All Settings > UDT Settings >> Manage Ports.  From there you would see all nodes that are added in UDT/Enabled Layer 2 and layer 3 Polling for UDT.

  • Please see if this query gives you what you need:

    SELECT n.NodeID, n.Caption, n.IP_Address
    FROM Orion.Nodes n
    WHERE n.UDTCapabilities.Capability = 3 and n.UDTCapabilities.Enabled = FALSE

  • The query gives me the list of devices I need to update thank you, I assume I can write a update statement to turn them one.  Thanx.

  • Unfortunately, UDT does not expose any methods via API to enable/disable L2/L3 polling (unless I missed something). Changing the Enabled value directly in the NodeCapabilities SQL table is possible and enables the job, but I'm not 100% sure if there are no additional actions executed in other places when you do this via Edit Node. It would be great if Solarwinds added some methods / verbs for UDT via API.

    What I did as of now, I set (via API) a Custom Property for all nodes requiring specific change (eg. disable L3 poller on L2 devices) based on the query shared earlier, then I could easily filter the nodes in manage nodes view and edit all these nodes at once.