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UDT hostname query via SQL


I found this in one of the questions but I would like to be able to run the query with hostnames as well to report on. Sorry I am a newby to SQL queries. 

USE [SolarWindsOrion]


dbo.udt_FormatMACAddressForUI(E.MACAddress) as MACAddress,


P2e.LastSeen as LastSeen,


N.caption as Nodename,

P.Name as PortName,


FROM UDT_Endpoint E with(nolock)


(select PGE.EndpointID, PGE.LastSeen, PGE.PortID, PGE.VlanID

from dbo.UDT_PortToEndpointHistory PGE

inner join (select EndpointID, max(LastSeen) as LastSeen

from dbo.UDT_PortToEndpointHistory where ConnectionType=1

group by EndpointID

) tm on PGE.EndpointID = tm.EndpointID and PGE.LastSeen = tm.LastSeen ) P2E

on (E.EndpointID =P2E.EndpointID )

INNER JOIN UDT_Port P with(nolock) ON P2E.PortID=P.PortID

INNER JOIN Nodes N with(nolock) ON P.NodeID =N.NodeID

LEFT JOIN MacPrefixes M on SUBSTRING(E.MACAddress,1,6) = M.MacPrefix

LEFT JOIN Vendors V on M.Vendor =V.Name

left join ( select distinct IPAddress ,EndpointID from dbo.UDT_IPAddress ) IP on e.EndpointID=ip.EndpointID