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UDT IP/MAC port history Report


I am trying to get my head around this one bit not working. I need to pull a report that looks at port history to identify for the last 7 days port activity across all our access layer port switches to state any IP/MAC details retrieved in the last 7 days. I am running the SWQL query below to find the devices but last seen is current but we need to be able to go back in time to check if that stays the same.  

m.NodeAccessPoint AS [NodeName],
m.PortName AS [PortName],
m.HostName AS [HostName],
m.PortDescription AS [PortDescription],
m.MacAddress AS [MACAddress],
m.IPAddress AS [IPAddess],
m.MACVendor AS [MACVendor],
s.RemoteSystemName AS [LLDP],
m.LastSeen AS [LastSeen]

FROM ORION.UDT.MACCurrentInformation m

JOIN ORION.UDT.LldpEntry s on s.RemotePortID = m.RawMac