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UDT port capacity report


I'm trying to create a report that gives me switches that are using over 20 or 30% of their ports. This will allow us to see what areas of campus has less used switches or ports. I'd like to get a report that will report on a specific time of the day. 

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  • Hi,

    How to filter or select only selected times in report? I don't see any setting to select times in report settings. please suggest.

  • The UDT capacity report is current. If you want to see how it looks over time you'll end up with a very busy table and I wouldn't recommend doing it this way.

    I would be tempted to create a custom chart for each switch to show port utilisation. This way you could easily see which switches have lots of ports utilised and which ones don't. You could even put in a threshold for your chart and this would lead us to an alert.

    Hope that helps a bit and I know its not definitive but sometimes with reports you have to play with the data and see what works best.