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Difference in searching for a device in Device Inventory and Device Tracker Summary

What is the difference in this search bar in the Device Inventory:

And this one in the Device Tracker Summary:

Are they both doing a database query? If so, how do they differ?

  • I don't have UDT in our environment so can't directly answer.

    However, if you're willing to allow everyone to potentially see, then there is a way for you to find out for yourself. Find and open Log Adjuster and then change the "Hubble Active" option from false to true:

    Then click apply.

    Give it a minute to do its magic and then refresh your view of whatever page you are on. This will give you a little button which when clicked will reveal the code that goes into the page, including any SWQL queries that generate the view(s) you are seeing.

    N.B. Hubble will be available to everyone, so you may want to do it OOH or during a quiet time.

    Full details here: 

  • You can group the UDT endpoints with IP Address, MAC and DNS.  The Device Tracker Summary looks at all three, together with the User, node and Port.  As for the Inventory Pages, it groups it between Device Endpoints and Users.  It does not include Node and Port.