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Can't get UDT to show access switch port a device is on.

I can't UDT to show the access port a device/MAC is connected to.  I had it working when I first set it up awhile ago but no longer working when I search a MAC.  I just get the core Nexus the access switch is connected to.

The access port, VLAN, and trunk on the access switch is monitored.

The trunk and VLAN on the Nexus 7K is monitored.

I have added the SNMP context configs below.

snmp-server group SERVER v3 priv read REDACTED
snmp-server group SERVER v3 auth context vlan- match prefix
snmp-server view REDACTED iso included
snmp-server view REDACTED interfaces included

The SNMP tester shows the interfaces on the access switch with OIDs as "success".

At my wits end.  Just want to see if anyone knows before I open a ticket.