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Is a Port Flap from UDT or NPM possible?

Many times especially with PoE devices but not limited to them we know the answer to get an end device working again is simply to flap the interface or shut / no shut etc.

With UDT we can quickly punch in an IP or a MAC and find out where its located but I haven't found any functionality yet to send a port flap or shut / no shut to that edge interface yet. Clearly some caution would be required but this seems like it should already be an option I looked and I couldn't find any existing feature requests or discussion about this.

Does anyone know if this is currently possible?

The only way I know to achieve it is use UDT to find the interface, go to that node in NCM and execute a script on it but that seems like it should be possible with a click of a button from UDT or the main dashboard instead. Any thoughts how to streamline a shut / no shut effort for an interface looked up by IP address / MAC address?

  • This is a very possible action, as long as you have a Write String used. Where NCM can be used to run a script to change port status, UDT specifically uses SNMP Write to adjust port status. The 'Port Details' UDT widget that is added to the Node Details page has buttons for port on/off actions, but they will be greyed out if SNMP write is not enabled and set within the Node Settings. SNMP v3 is always a best practice when enabling write.