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Feature request: Missing "Port Alias" option for UDT in automatic import from Network Sonar Discovery.

Hi there.

This is Feature request for my company, more under ticket 00947102 .

In our environment we use regular automatic night "Network Sonar Discovery".
In them we have set up automatic interface imports for NPM, where the interface import is conditioned by the condition of the presence of a specific string in the "Interface Alias" item.

We need to do the same for automatic port imports for UDT. Unfortunately, the condition "Port Alias" (as a synonym for "Interface Alias" in NPM) in UDT does not exist for automatic import!

However ... if I decide from the same "Network Sonar Discovery" result to manually import ports into the UDT, then this "Port Alias" condition exists in the filter! It is there!

So it seem that it should be very easy and quick for developers, to add option "Port Alias" also to "automatic" import condition (it is already in manual import).

Let us know, if you are prepared to add this condition to the automatic port import. I was very surprised,  that this option is not there from beginning. I can not imagine, how other big companies are adding ports to UDT on daily bases in network with hundreds and thousands switches!
  • + one more "cosmetic" issue:
    As you can see on the last picture above, there are some conditions with "Interface" text string in them.
    Because this whole GUI section is for UDT only, and UDT use "ports" terminology instead "interfaces", someone should rename those from "Interface" to "Port".