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UDT misreporting port usage

Hello, I ran some UDT port usage reports for our capacity planning team.  However, I noticed earlier today that UDT is misreporting the port utilization for many of the interfaces on our switches.  That is, I see a lot of ports in the report as Never Used, but that is not true.  As a matter of fact, I logged into some of our switches and confirmed this. Also, when I run my UDT reports, I notice that there are almost always a handful of interfaces that are not even listed in the report (Used or Not).  

I heard that UDT had problems like this on previous versions but it seems that our current version (3.3.2) has this problem.  Have any of you seen problems like this with your UDT v3.3.2?  If so, how has this been fixed in your environment?

Thanks in advance.

  • Hello again...

    I am still having the same problem w/ UDT.  By the way, I also noticed that the interfaces that our Polycom phones connect to always show as NEVER used.  I mentioned this to SW tech support and they asked for me to select the port types that are apply to our Polycom phones.  I do not know which port types to select. Below is a screenshot of the ports currently set in our UDT implementation.

    Monitored port types in UDT.PNG

    I don't want to select all the port types, lest it brings down SolarWinds to a crawl and/or makes for the UDT scan jobs to fail or not complete. Any ideas????


  • The never used report does not really tell you when the port was last used but it is directly connected to data retention.  For example, you have an endpoint connected to a networking device and unplugged it, on your device, it will show as last used 45 days ago.  In UDT, it will show as never because the data retention is set to 30 days by default.  45 > 30 so it would really show as never.

    As for your question, better ask the vendor.

  • Hello donrobert5

    First of all, many thanks for your reply and clarification on this issue.  Still, we have History Retention set to 90 days, which should suffice for the most part.  Also, please note that these Polycom units never get unplugged and are active right now on most of our switches.  I have an example of a switch with six ports connected to Polycom units right now.  Yet, the UDT report shows the same ports as Never being used.  That's pretty weird, right?

  • I know this is a late reply, but you should be able to quickly look up the interface types on your Polycom units in the Database Manager. Try this query, just replace X with the NodeID of one of the Polycoms.

    SELECT NodeID, InterfaceID,InterfaceName,InterfaceIndex,InterfaceType,InterfaceTypeName,InterfaceTypeDescription FROM [dbo].[Interfaces]

    WHERE NodeID = 'X'

    The value of InterfaceTypeName should be what you need emoticons_happy.png