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removing old user data

I've got several years of user data I want to get rid of. Is it safe to delete (old) records from the User  (UDT_User, UDT_UserToIPAddressCurrent, UDT_UserToIPAddressHistory) tables?

  • Has anyone found a way to delete old records?  Retention policy does not do it.  The software was purchased years ago and no one was managing the rogue devices.  I have computer and Users that have not been with the organization for 6 or 7 years that I would like to delete out of DB. Has anyone deleted the UDT completely and reinstalled?  Would we need to detached old UDT tables from DB and delete?  will this effect any other Orion products?  Just to clarify, I do not want to delete the Nodes, just client computers and users.  I cannot get SW support to understand that..  

  • Hi  do you have a support ticket number? 

  • Support Ticket #00874672.  I even tried deleting application (UDT) hoping that it would delete data or remove SQL UDT tables from DB.  that did no work. 

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