UDT Device Inventory Report

hello, i'm trying to generate report for UDT Device inventory with mac address of Endpoints. In UDT Device Inventory i can see all i need:

But when i'm trying to generate report for some devices:

I can not see ports of these devices - there is not an option to choose in report creator. Is any chance to add port numbers of devices to this report ?

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  • thanks, i was able to do what i want:

    select [Device].ConnectedTo, [Device].portname, [Device].portnumber, [Device].vlan, [Device].connectiontypename, [Device].macaddress, [Device].ipaddress, [Device].macvendor, [Device].hostname
    from orion.udt.allendpoints as [Device]
    left join orion.udt.port AS [Port]
    ON [Port].PortID = [Device].PortID
    where [Device].ConnectedTo like '%s-dcn%'
    and [port].speed <> 0

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