Problem Pulling End of Sale/Support Information

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone come across this problem? Trying to pull End of xxx data from Solarwinds, when I try to run it either in SWQL Studio or as an API in Postman it doesn't return any results, yet if I add it as a Widget in a modern dashboard it returns the data. Here is the code that I am running:

Select N.caption as [Device Name]
, N.IP_Address as [IP Address]
, N.Vendor
, N.CustomProperties.SerialNumber
, N.CustomProperties.SiteName as [Site Name]
, N.CustomProperties.HigherHealthAuthority as [Higher Health Authority]
, N.NodeProperties.EndOfSales
, N.NodeProperties.EndOfSoftware
, N.NodeProperties.EndOfSupport
, N.NodeProperties.EosComments

from orion.nodes as N
Where n.CustomProperties.HigherHealthAuthority = 'ABC'