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SWIS / SWQL Studio / API - Windows Group Authentication Issue

Hi All,

One of our SolarWinds NPM 2020.2 instances is experiencing authentication issues with SWIS and SWQL Studio connections.

SWIS and SWQL Studio connections to SolarWinds do not appear to allow authentication of active directory accounts configured for SolarWinds access via "Windows Groups".  SWQL Studio simply reports the following...


The Orion log on the primary poller reports the following when such an attempt is made:

WARN  SolarWinds.Data.Providers.Orion.OrionAccountValidator - (null) (null)  Invalid username or password for user 'DOMAIN\username' via password hash comparison.

Logins to the SolarWinds web front end/GUI authenticate via "Windows Groups" without any issues.

Connecting via SWIS/SWQL Studio using an individual account which is configured within SolarWinds (local Orion or active directory account) also works without any issues.

To rule out an issue with a specific windows group, a new group was created and configured for access within SolarWinds however the issue with SWIS/SWQL Studio connections also occurs with this new group.

We have other similar SolarWinds instances which allow "Windows Group" authentication via SWIS/SWQL Studio without any issues, so we know this authentication method should be possible.

Has anyone had similar issues?


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