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Host A records are not getting created through IPAM.

I had this issue with one of my clients in his Orion environment.


As the client mentioned, “ He has run the Configuration Wizard several times but NO results. “


The client has gone through an article in THWACK and performed the steps according to that article.


Running the Configuration Wizard is an excellent way to overcome Orion issues.


But running the Configuration Wizard does not resolve all the issues all the time.


So, I jumped in and had a look at the issue.


The client was having the below error.


The client was new to the IPAM module and was not sure about the current configuration.

So, I guided the client to check and verify the Primary DNS Server of his environment.

After selecting the correct DNS Zone only, the client could successfully add the Host A records to his DNS server. ( Another HAPPY Client! )


DNS is always critical because DNS is the backbone of any Network.

So, always make sure to select the correct Primary DNS Zone for IPAM when you are creating Host A records.

I just thought of sharing this experience which might be helpful for the community.