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Could not download product information


I'm still new in Solarwinds and has been assigned a task to update/upgrade my Solarwinds deployment from version 2020.2.4 to 2020.2.6
While checking in My Orion Deployment --> Updates & Evaluations --> Upgrade or Eval now, the page shows the error below

Can anyone highlight me on how to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance

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  • The network configuration works.

    In the AdministationService.log I have :
    2021-09-15 11:37:24,836 [118] DEBUG (null) SolarWinds.Administration.UpdateState.WCF.UpdateStateService - productVersionComparison: Id: NPM, LocalVersion: 2020.2.5.11575, MainVersion: 2020.2.5.11575, Id: NTA, LocalVersion: 2020.2.5.13885, MainVersion: 2020.2.5.13885, Id: SAM, LocalVersion: 2020.2.5.11155, MainVersion: 2020.2.5.11155, Id: SRM, LocalVersion: 2020.2.5.3507, MainVersion: 2020.2.5.3507, Id: UDT, LocalVersion: 2020.2.5.2297, MainVersion: 2020.2.5.2297, Id: VMAN, LocalVersion: 2020.2.5.20101, MainVersion: 2020.2.5.20101, Id: ORIONPLATFORM, LocalVersion: 2020.2.55220.30684, MainVersion: 2020.2.55220.30684

    2021-09-15 11:37:24,868 [118] INFO (null) SolarWinds.Administration.UpdateState.WCF.UpdateStateService - Products are up to date

  • After applying the solution of aLTeRego, the solarwinds administration service was no present.
    I reinstalled the service (With SWA-2020.2.5.269-AdministrationService.msi)  and it fixed my issue