Can I disable a component of application Monitor Template?

The SQL application monitor has a ton of things that it monitors, however I can't edit the template and turn off specific items.

I can't even copy it, in hopes of having the option to enable/disable certain components during creation.

Is there a way, or is this a dead end?

  • I'd like to do the same thing. Deployment Health shows I've exceeded the maximum recommended value of SAM elements per poller and I've found that even disabled components count towards this element count. This makes it difficult when we have tons of elements that use IIS and SQL AppInsight. In fact, I have a SQL server that has 100+ databases and it shows that it's got 2862 active components assigned to it. I thought that it was an error, so I removed AppInsight from it, and sure enough, it dropped the element count by that much. I sorted the active components by count and at this point, I need one poller just to cover 8 of our servers that have IIS and SQL AppInsight. 

  • Something sounds very off about this, but I'm not sure what. You should be able to get loads of appinsight out of a poller, and they should cap out at 50 components against licensing and what not each.

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  • It DOES seem off, but the numbers match up when I remove the AppInsight for SQL from this one server and then add it back. The AppInsight for SQL template has just over 100 components on it, is it possible that it's counting every single one of those components times the number of individual DBs on that server?

  • It might depend how your're counting - If it's for license reasons that should read 50, if it's reported right out of the components table, ie how much data, then yeah that'll scale with the amount of DBs for sure

  • I'm a big fan of the SQL user experience monitor. If you've got a couple metrics you actually care about you can assign just that and it's super lightweight and easy to read by comparison

  • Thats exactly what is happening.  I don't have the exact numbers in front of me, but I know IIS Sites, App Pools, and Database servers when using AppInsight could have stupid numbers of components.  I want to say its somewhere between 20 and 40 components per App Pool/Site/Database.  I have an IIS server in the envirionment that has around 28k components on it.

    As Mesverrum mentioned below, AppInsight operates a little different than other SAM monitors.  They are really optimized calls, so its only a couple calls to the server itself that the primary server branches into the individual components.

    I've had support tell me on numerous instances that I'm way over polling capacity on my APEs, but once I point out that the majority of what they are seeing is Appinsight, they drop it and we move on with the issue at hand.