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Alerting on disk space

Is there a way to get the full path of the folder/file that's causing disk space on a server to fill up? Currently, I have an alert that provides the server name, volume size, volume space available, & percent volume used.

Example of an email I would receive when the alert triggers:

Volume, Total size 6.8 G  Free space 338 M Percent used 95 %

"/var" represents the directory of what's filling up, but it doesn't provide the folder or file of what's causing it to fill up.

Please provide any suggestions.

  • Sometimes it is not a single file or folder. It could be a very large number of smaller files possibly distributed amongst several folders or directories on the drive or filesystem.

  • I'm not aware of a way to do that from the normal volume monitoring.

    If you are utilizing SAM, you could potentially do a PowerShell script to get the sizes of initial subdirectories and report back on heavy hitters.  Probably a caluculation of use space against total drive capacity or something.

  • I've gone down that road but can't come up with any way that didn't involve branching out to some external code or program like TreeSize. If you had several likely suspects, you could tie a SAM monitor with it using the Directory Size component monitor, but you'd have to explicitly define which one(s) you wanted to look at. Otherwise, there's no native way to dynamically find the heaviest hitters.

  • I also have this question.  I know we have a tool for CPU/processes.  Hoping we can get one for disks as well. 

    Getting top 10 processes with trigger condition

    SolarWinds.APM.RealTimeProcessPoller.exe -n=${NodeID} -count=10 -sort=CPU -timeout=120 -alert=${N=Alerting;M=AlertDefID} -alertId=${N=Alerting;M=AlertID}