Looking for how to alert based on events in Message Center or "Failure to execute HTTP POST alert action" if an event is not needed

Question: See the title of the post, but I'm looking for a way to alert via email people so at least we know there is a failing alert integration using HTTP POST. I can't seem to find a way to use the "Alerts" functionality to write an alerting rule to select events.

Basically: We have some alerts that are sent to a 3rd party tool that use HTTP/REST calls by posting JSON. In the JSON, there are Orion alert variables, and sometimes there is a character in one of them that is disallowed for the 3rd party or causes malformed JSON (for example: the backslash character "\").  There appears to not be a way to know beforehand which Orion variable will contain a problematic character (we don't always know where a backslash may appear, or any other character causing an issue in an Orion alert variable/object) as well as it appears not possible to have a function or post/preprocessor clean all the Orion variables before the HTTP POST operation (there appears to be an alert variable formatter called "F:Replace()" but it does not seem to work or not work on all Orion variables (I tried using it) and it appears unsupported as well.).

Anyway: As a result of the failed HTTP POST operation, the only place I can see that the failure is being logged/noted ins in the MessageCenter UI when filtering for "Events", and this event looks something like this:

STATUS = "-" <- Literally a "Dash" character or similar


MESSAGE = "Failed to execute an HTTP request. Method: POST, Url: [URL HERE], Body:{[JSON HERE]}"

Hostname = "" <- Literally no data, even though its coming from the Orion server

IP ADDRESS = "" <- Literally no data, even though its coming from the Orion server