Trigger alert when a new device/MAC is connected to switch interface

I need to be able to send email alerts when a new device/new MAC address is connected to a switch interface. I tried to configure the alert for "MAC Address Has Changed" and "Physical Address Has Changed" but those do not work for what I'm trying to accomplish. I assume those alerts only trigger when the MAC for the interface itself changes, not when the device connected on that interface changes.


Desktop with MAC address of AAAA.AAAA.AAAA is connected to switch interface 1/0/1

Someone unplugs that desktop and connects a laptop with MAC address BBBB.BBBB.BBBB to switch interface 1/0/1.

The connected MAC on interface 1/0/1 has changed, alert triggers and sends email.

I have UDT, but I can't figure out a simple way to accomplish this using MAC whitelists since this alerting condition should only apply to specific switches/interfaces.