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Enable Contextual Performance Analysis Charts

Performance Analysis charts are great.  They look cool, and the default widgets on a summary page work great, because they are contextual.  When I look at the Percent Utilization widget on the Interface XYZ summary page, it's the Percent Utilization for that interface.

However, if I want to add a performance analysis widget for any metric that is not included by default, I have to hard code the node/interface.  It cannot be contextual to the node or interface that you're already looking at.  This feature seems obvious.  And the capability for contextual awareness is apparently already there for the 20+ modern charts that included for NPM be default.  Just make a variable like ${N=SwisEntity;M=InterfaceID} available in the widget like you do in alerts. 

If the request is unclear, the esteemed seems to get it in this thread: Performance Analysis on Node Details page - Forum - Network Performance Monitor (NPM) - THWACK (