REST API,, Looking for 'URI' to query threshold table

Dear all,

I am looking to update Orion.CpuLoadThreshold or Orion.NodesThresholds tables ,, using REST API. But i am not seeing URI's from these table.

Could you kindly suggest any points..

My intention is to update, node thresholds via REST API

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  • Can confirm that 2024.1.0 doesn't have the new Can Create/Can Update/Can Delete options for Orion.CpuLoadThreshold.

    Version Check Query:

    SELECT EngineID
         , DisplayName
         , ServerName
         , IP
         , ServerType
         , EngineVersion
         , WindowsVersion
         , PollingCompletion
    FROM Orion.Engines


    Asking the API about the API:

    SELECT FullName
         , CanCreate
         , CanRead
         , CanUpdate
         , CanDelete
    FROM Metadata.Entity
    WHERE FullName = 'Orion.CpuLoadThreshold'


    Are you running an RC of Beta  ?