REST API,, Looking for 'URI' to query threshold table

Dear all,

I am looking to update Orion.CpuLoadThreshold or Orion.NodesThresholds tables ,, using REST API. But i am not seeing URI's from these table.

Could you kindly suggest any points..

My intention is to update, node thresholds via REST API

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  • I should note that the Orion.CpuLoadTheshold entities cannot be directly updated.  You can see below that it's listed as Read-Only.  As a note, this cannot be done in the Orion.Thresholds entities either (which is where all the thresholds are stored and the Orion.CpuLoadTheshold and other entities are "filtered" views of the original).

    I don't think the Thresholds can be updated via the API at the moment.  Probably because of the possible complexity of the definitions (single point in time, X of Y polls, last Z minutes, etc.)