"Subqueries are not supported" running queries in EOC

Running queries against table NCM.NodeProperties.  

In regular Orion the query works fine.  Attempting the same query in EOC returns an error:

"Subqueries are not supported". 

No subqueries here. Just a simple SELECT statement against a single table

We recently upgraded our Orion and EOC to version 2022.3.  Using SWQL Studio version

Any insight from the community much appreciated.  Thanks.

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  • Yeah - something's not connecting right.  On the EOC website, can you go to myEoc.domain.local/Orion/admin/swis.aspx and see if you have the NCM entities listed in the drop-down?

    Then hit Generate Select Query and Run Query. (Ignore my above query)

    I have a sneaky suspicion that the EOC and native entities aren't connected.  You are running a recent version, so there's something amiss and we may need to get this in front of support or the product manager.