Node Down Time

All,  I am looking for some SWQL/SQL code that can pull out the following information from the database. 

Columns Include: 

  • Device Name
  • IP Address
  • Time Down
  • Time Up 
  • Minutes Node was down
  • OK...  the start of this query was online somewhere...i have made it my own...  OF COURSE>>>>> IF YOU USE THIS IN A LIVE ENVIRONMENT, it is not supported by SolarWinds!  USE AT YOUR OWN RISK...

    Now, after saying that...  you will most definately have to modify this for your i am using some pulling down some custom properties that are only on our environment...

     StartTime.EventTime AS DownEventTime,
      SELECT TOP 1 EventTime
      FROM Events AS EndTimeTable
      where EndTimeTable.EventTime >= StartTime.EventTime
       AND EndTimeTable.EventType = 5
       AND EndTimeTable.NetObjectType = 'N'
       AND EndTimeTable.NetworkNode = StartTime.NetworkNode
       AND EventTime IS NOT NULL
      ORDER BY EndTimeTable.EventTime
     ) AS UpEventTime,
    DATEDIFF(Mi, StartTime.EventTime,(
       SELECT TOP 1 EventTime FROM Events AS Endtime
       where EndTime.EventTime > StartTime.EventTime AND EndTime.EventType = 5 AND EndTime.NetObjectType = 'N'
        AND EndTime.NetworkNode = StartTime.NetworkNode  ORDER BY EndTime.EventTime)
      ) AS OutageDurationInMinutes
     FROM Events StartTime
     INNER JOIN Nodes ON StartTime.NetworkNode = Nodes.NodeID
     WHERE (StartTime.EventType = 1)    AND Nodes.Is_Production = '1' AND Nodes.Model = 'Server'
    ) AS UpTimeTable
    where outageDurationInMinutes IS NOT NULL
    ORDER BY Caption ASC, DownEventTime ASC

  • Yes, I am sure I will need to modify the script.  I am getting "There was an error processing the request" at the moment.  

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