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SWQL about IPAM Subnet not working

Hello all,

I updated recently to version 2020.2.6.

I'm trying to make a very easy SWQL sentence about Subnets in the IPAM module, to get the information related with each subnet.

Using the default one, that you get in SWQL application, I don't get any result

If I use only a field, getting the most simple request... I don't get anything

It is happening the same with tables as GroupNode, GroupNodeAttr or GroupReport...

In order to advance, I'm using the table GroupNodeDisplayCustomProperties, where I have 3347 entries with the network address and description.

Do you know if I am using the proper table? 

Thank you in advance and regards

  • Is the data showing up in the IPAM pages on the website?  They feed from the same source, so if they should reflect the same thing.  You mentioned you recently moved to 2020.2.6 - what version were you on before that upgrade?

  • Hello,

    Previous version was 2020.2.5, and now we are in 202.2.6 HF2.

    Yes we have a lot of information in the web page, and the table GroupNodeDisplayCustomProperties have 3347 entries.

    Actually, I'm able to use the following command to create new subnets... but I cannot verify the creation using SWQL sentence

    New-SwisObject $swis -EntityType 'IPAM.Subnet' -Properties @{Address='x.x.x.x'; CIDR=25;VLAN='160';Comments='Subent comments';ParentId=xxxx}

    I think it is a technical issue, but Solarwinds supports redirects me here to solve it.

    Thank you and regards

  • I have the same issue.  I do not get any data from the IPAM_GroupNode or the IPAM_Subnet table and just like it was stated below, I am able to create, but cannot verify using SWIS. 

  • I think I was unclear.  If you build the subnet using the API does that subnet appear in the web console?

  • Yes it does create and when it creates I am given a URI for the subnet.  However, if I attempt to delete the subnet using the API, with the URI of the subnet I just created I get an non-exist error.  

  • And if you try to delete it in the web console? (I'm just trying to understand the scope)

    If it looks like an API exclusive issue (which is how it's sounding currently), then you should post an issue on the GitHub with as much detail as you can provide. (screenshots, script samples, etc.)

  • In the above comment you stated that the IPAM pages are feeding from the same source that as the API calls to SWIS.  However, if when we just try to retrieve data using a simple select statement and no data is there, even when using SWQL Studio to generate the SQL. That does not sound like an API problem.  I know I mentioned being unable to delete a subnet, but I believe the problem is that since the IPAM_Subnets table is empty it cannot find the URI for the subnet thus the delete operation is going to fail. 

    I can certainly post the issue on GitHub, but the issue seems to be related to the underlying application. 

  • I'm not disagreeing with you in the slightest - I'm just trying to provide you with the quickest avenue for resolution.

  • The solution for me when I had this problem was to connect via SWQL Studio using the `Orion (v3) AD` server type instead of the default `Orion (v3)` option. Connecting with DOMAIN\USERNAME then allowed me to access everything I expected. It was a very weird issue as it did allow me to connect using the default server type, it just returned empty result sets exactly like you're describing.