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SWQL Study Group for the complete novice - thoughts?

Just throwing this out there and wondering ...

My coding skills are pretty much non-existent. I have been a hardware guy all my life and just when I think I've got a handle on something and create a new query which subsequently doesn't work I get all deflated. So off I go a Googling and a Thwacking trying to see if someone has already built that wheel before. And frequently I find the answer to that is yes, they have; only it was so long ago that things have changed and the script is so far from usable / working that I'm back at the start again.

Anyway ...

My point is, I wonder if there is any merit in a SWQL Study Group to help learn this stuff from the ground up.

I've no idea if it would work; who would run it (combined effort / self led / experienced friendly coder?); structure or anything... but maybe a few like minded code n00bs, could find someplace/someway to form a self help learning group.


Especially if you are like me and want in on a group like this?

  • Hey Stuard.

    I have done some work and with SWIS/SWQL/Solarwinds API.  Some of the basic queries are pretty easy.  I really struggled  when I got to more advanced queries with joins and finding the right tables to query data.  The SWIS syntax is of course similar to SQL but it's a bit tricky IMO.  We have a pretty big Solarwinds environment so our sales manager at the time connected me up with a guy named Tim who works in some product development group with Solarwinds.  I am pretty sure he still works there and has amazing knowledge of SWiS.   Every use case I or one of my customers came up with he helped me build the queries.  I have a few queries like querying WPM status, poller status, and maintenance status that I use as key point indicators.  I am using a scheduled workflow now and sending the results in as metrics to Wavefront.  One of my counterparts in the NOC got Tim to help him build some metric queries for Cisco ASA.  If you want to shoot me an email in Thwack as a reminder, I wouldn't mind setting up some type of technical blog that documents some of the knowledge Tim gave me.  I need to remove any references we may have to internal server names, etc.  Personally we don't use the SWQL tool very much but mostly use Powershell ISE.  We are getting ready to help one of our data lake customers setup SWQL queries using the Python SWIS module.

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  • Thanks Kevin - I have requested a friendship as well but in case he doesn't see it (setting disabled or something) also opted to reply here :)

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