Application Issues but would prefer this as component Issues instead

So I have a dashboard SWQL query that shows a filtered list of application templates applied to a particular Nodes CP - Application 'XXX'

Select A.Name as [Application Name] ,A.DetailsUrl as [ADetailsUrl], A.Status as ApplicationStatus, A.Node.Caption as [Node Name], A.Node.Status as NodeStatus, A.Node.DetailsURL as [NDetailsUrl], A.Node.CustomProperties.Application as [XXX Application]
FROM Orion.APM.Application A
WHERE A.Node.CustomProperties.Application = 'XXX'
ORDER BY A.Status Desc


What I'd like for this query is to associated with the Group instead and also perhaps have this list out all the components instead of the Application Template Name's as this would be more granular.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance