Adding NodeNotes to a SWQL query

Dug for quite a while and I don't see a direct link to the NodeNotes, working an update dashboard with a few properties, and want to use the notes as a server purpose/description.

This is what I have so far and it pulls everything I need except the node notes, I dug through nearly every linked property but am not finding how to include the node notes....I did research a join but could not get that working.

SELECT N.DisplayName, Max(N.AssetInventory.WindowsUpdates.LastSuccessInstallTime) as [Last Update install], N.IPAddress, N.Description
FROM Orion.Nodes N
WHERE N.IsServer = True
GROUP By N.DisplayName, N.AssetInventory.WindowsUpdates.LastSuccessInstallTime, N.IPAddress, N.Description
ORDER By N.AssetInventory.WindowsUpdates.LastSuccessInstallTime DESC

Thanks for any assistance anyone can provide.
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