Adding Custom Properties to a SWQL query


So I'm creating a dashboard and want to add a table that shows node that are down and how long they have been 

i achieved that by the below SWQL 

SELECT TOUPPER(SUBSTRING (n.Caption,1, CASE WHEN CHARINDEX('.',n.Caption,1) <=4 THEN LENGTH(n.Caption) ELSE (CHARINDEX('.',n.Caption,1)-1) END)) AS [IP]
,case when min(rt.DateTime) is NULL
then 'More than a year'
else concat(substring(tostring(min(rt.DateTime)),6,2),'-',substring(tostring(min(rt.DateTime)),9,2),'-',substring(tostring(min(rt.DateTime)),1,4),' ',substring(tostring(min(rt.DateTime)),12,2),':',substring(tostring(min(rt.DateTime)),15,2))
end as [Date]
,case when min(rt.DateTime) is NULL
then ' More than a year'
else concat((hourDIFF(tolocal(min(rt.DateTime)),getdate())/24), ' Days '
,(Ceiling((HourDiff(tolocal(min(rt.DateTime)),getdate())/24.0-Floor(HourDiff(tolocal(min(rt.DateTime)),getdate())/24.0))*24)),' h '
,(Ceiling((MinuteDiff(tolocal(min(rt.DateTime)),getdate())/60.0-Floor(MinuteDiff(tolocal(min(rt.DateTime)),getdate())/60.0))*60),' m'))
end AS Duration

FROM Orion.Nodes n
left join orion.responsetime rt on rt.nodeid=n.nodeid
--LEFT JOIN (SELECT nn.nodeid, count(*) AS drops FROM Orion.nodes nn WHERE ('N') and (nn.Events.EventType=1) and (daydiff(nn.Events.EventTime,tolocal(getdate()))=0) group by nn.nodeid) drops on drops.nodeid=n.NodeID
WHERE n.STATUS = 2 and rt.AvgResponseTime is null

--and n.caption like '%${SEARCH_STRING}%' or n.IP_Address like '%${SEARCH_STRING}%'
GROUP BY n.caption, n.StatusIcon, n.DetailsUrl, n.nodeid, n.ip_address, n.VendorIcon
ORDER BY MinuteDiff(tolocal(min(rt.DateTime)),getdate()) desc, n.caption asc

But now i want to add custom Properties to it but all attempts failed.