ServiceNow Graph Connector - Solarwinds for Asset information polling

Good afternoon

We are trying to implement the following on our Orion/ServiceNow setup

SolarWinds - SolarWinds Announces Integration With ServiceNow Service Graph Connector Program

Service Graph Connectors harness the expertise of ServiceNow technology partners and ServiceNow engineering to provide a quick and reliable means of bringing third-party data into the ServiceNow Service Graph and Configuration Management Database (CMDB). The Service Graph Connector for SolarWinds Orion enables customers to:

  • Automatically populate the Service Graph and CMDB with inventory discovered by SolarWinds Orion Platform products, including network devices, server systems and public cloud instances. This augments the information populated in CMDB by ServiceNow.
  • Schedule synchronization and reconciliation of asset data with Service Graph and CMDB including system hardware components, network interfaces, operating system details, installed software, cloud instance information, and more.

This is for Asset polling , not alert and ticket generation management integration to ServiceNow. This requires a connection from ServiceNow to your Solarwind ORION 17778 ports ( API ) call to work . On Solarwinds ORION all you need to do is create a user with WebLogin access basic permissions and on ServiceNow you need to setup a Connector as per screenshot with that User ID:

These settings ( out of the box base path path/ connection URL ) do not seem to work as per below

When ServiceNow tries to connect we keep getting a ERROR 400 bad request ..

What's interesting enough if i try doing a CURL call via command line to the same basepath/connection URL path, i get the same error 400 bad request. Anybody know or has setup the Connector on ServiceNow properly?

Service Graph Connector for SolarWinds (2.4.1) (

Configure Service Graph Connector for SolarWinds (

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