Adding a volume via swis powershell

Hoping I can get some insight on an issue I am running in to. I am using powershell and the swis module to automate several tasks in regards to creating a new node. Everything seems to work properly for me, however despite me adding a new volume (fixed disk), it doesn't automatically check that box under "List Resources"

I know I can do a full network discovery on the node, but this is extremely resource heavy and at the end of the discovery it notifies the entire dept of the change. It's a bit unnecessary and as I mentioned too demanding to just check that box. However if I deploy 20+ virtual machines and then use my script to add the new nodes into Solarwinds, I'd really like for that drive to be checked under "List Resources". The other devices (physical & virtual memory) get checked automatically so I'm not sure what's preventing the volume from being checked.

Here is the code block for how I am adding the volume

#================ Hard Drive Monitoring

#Get drive Info from the server directly
$Drives = Get-CimInstance -ComputerName $node -ClassName Win32_LogicalDisk -Property * | Where-Object { $_.VolumeSerialNumber -ne $NULL }

$VolumeIndex = 3

#Set the properties of our new volume(s) based on the information from above
foreach ($Drive in $Drives)
    $PhysicalDrive = @{   
        NodeID = $CheckNode
        VolumeType = "Fixed Disk"
        DeviceId = $Drive.DeviceID
        VolumeTypeID = "4"
        Icon = "FixedDisk.gif"
        NextRediscovery = (Get-Date (Get-Date -Format "MM.dd.yyy h:mm:ss tt")).AddSeconds(30)
        nextpoll = (Get-Date (Get-Date -Format "MM.dd.yyy h:mm:ss tt")).AddSeconds(30)
        VolumeIndex = [Int]$VolumeIndex
        Caption = $Drive.DeviceID + "\ Label: " + $Drive.VolumeName + $Drive.VolumeSerialNumber
        VolumeDescription = $Drive.DeviceID + "\ Label: " + $Drive.VolumeName + "Serial Number " + $Drive.VolumeSerialNumber
        FullName = $Drive.PSComputerName + "-" + $Drive.DeviceID + "\ Label: " + $Drive.VolumeName + $Drive.VolumeSerialNumber

    #Create new object with properties from above
    $NewPhysicalDriveURI = New-swisobject $swis -EntityType "Orion.volumes" -properties $PhysicalDrive

    #Get new URI Properties
    $PhysicalDriveProps = Get-SwisObject $swis -uri $NewPhysicalDriveURI

    #Register Pollers
    $PhysicalDrivePoller = @{
        NetObject = "V:" + $PhysicalDriveProps["VolumeID"]
        NetObjectType = "V"
        NetObjectID = $PhysicalDriveProps["VolumeID"]

    $PhysicalDrivePoller["PollerType"] = "V.Details.WMI.Windows"; 
    $PhysicalDriveURI = New-SwisObject $swis -EntityType "Orion.Pollers" -Properties $PhysicalDrivePoller  

    $PhysicalDrivePoller["PollerType"] = "V.Statistics.WMI.Windows";
    $PhysicalDriveURI = New-SwisObject $swis -EntityType "Orion.Pollers" -Properties $PhysicalDrivePoller  

    $PhysicalDrivePoller["PollerType"] = "V.Status.WMI.Windows";
    $PhysicalDriveURI = New-SwisObject $swis -EntityType "Orion.Pollers" -Properties $PhysicalDrivePoller

    #Poll changes
    Invoke-SwisVerb $Swis "Orion.Nodes" PollNow @("V:" + $PhysicalDriveProps["VolumeID"])

    #Increment the volume index if we have multiple fixed drives
    $VolumeIndex = $VolumeIndex + 1